The Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski today on the square in Resen promoted the project for improving the quality of municipal communal services and strengthening the municipal
functions and competencies of the municipalities in the Pelagonian region. In the municipality of Resen are purchased modern vehicle for street cleaning, a sweeper, which will contribute to increasing the efficiency in the functioning of the municipal entrepreneur company.

- The purpose of the project is to strengthening of the technical capacity for municipal waste collection in the municipalities of Prilep, Resen and Demir Hisar is to improve the quality of life of the population of the Pelagonian region by protecting the environment, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public utilities through the procurement of appropriate modern equipment - vehicles for waste management, as well as increased environmental protection by improving the systems for collection and disposal of municipal waste. The total value of the project for the municipality of Resen is around 3 million denars, said the Minister Milevski.

- Today, on this wonderful day, the day when we mark and celebrate the apple of Prespa, we are really pleased to receive this wonderful vehicle, broom maker. It really is something that will contribute a lot to a clean and green Resen as it is written on the vehicle, it is really of great need for the Public Utility Company and most importantly for the citizens, added the mayor of Resen, Zivko Gosarevski. The Center for Development of the Pelagonian Planning Region, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Local Self-Government and the Law on Waste Management, through this project enables cost reduction as well as environmental protection.

- By the request of the municipality with the help of the Ministry of Local Self-Government through the Bureau for Development, a broom maker, purchased a utility company. We will continue to implement several projects that will be of particular importance to the citizens, not only for Resen, but also for the entire region, adds Gogo Vidimce, director of the Center for Development of Pelagonian planning region.

Minister Milevski has attended the Prespa Apple harvest event, where the first apple of the Swisslion Agroplod plantation was harvested.

- People of Resen should be proud of this traditional event, especially since the apple is a symbol of the city. The city needs to be developed even more economically, to invest in the export process and the quality of apples for foreign markets. I wish them a successful harvest, added Milevski.