Two public calls for new projects were opened and 48 projects for cross-border cooperation in the total value of EUR 20 million were approved.

Municipalities and other public and civil society entities have the opportunity to apply with new projects funded by the IPA Cross-Border and Territorial Cooperation Programs of the European Union, and co-financed by the Ministry of Local Self-Government.

The public call for projects from the Euro-Med Territorial Cooperation Program is open until May 24, and the public call for projects from the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program between Northern Macedonia and Serbia is open until June 8. All approved projects will be co-financed by the Ministry of Local Self-Government in the amount of 15%.

The Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski announced that in a few days the first 8 agreements of the approved 22 projects for cross-border cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece will be signed, in the total amount of 7.2 million euros. The projects will be implemented in Bitola, Negotino, Konce, Strumica, Stip, Gradsko.

The Ministry of Local Self-Government continuously supports the development of municipalities and planning regions by financing and co-financing projects in all municipalities through budget programs for balanced regional development and reducing disparities between planning regions, by co-financing cross-border cooperation projects and projects. Which are implemented with the support of the donor community.

This year alone, agreements have been concluded for co-financing of 8 projects from the EU Program for Municipalities in the total value of 5.5 million euros in the municipalities of Veles, Radovis, Tetovo, Aerodrom, Skopje, Vrapciste, Ohrid, and in Strumica, 11 projects from The North Macedonia-Albania Cross-Border Cooperation Program worth EUR 6 million, which improves living conditions in Ohrid, Bitola, Mogila, Demir Hisar, Mavrovo and Rostusa, Krusevo, Resen, Struga, Vrapciste and Bogovinje, and 7 projects from the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program between the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia in a total value of 1,236,000 euros.